We Guarantee

Protection from any risk of International Business

GC UNIVERSAL is handling anything and everything from transportation and insurance logistics to foreign currency payments. We absorb the risk of doing international business because we become your local partner rather than you having to deal with an unknown and potentially risky overseas entity


Flexible financing schemes

We are always able to offer our overseas partners the most creative and desirable financing options available, many of which are not available from manufacturers or other trading company directly. Terms such as 30, 60, and even 90 days can be made available to foreign partners often without any prior business history


Skilled Negotiators

With a multi-lingual staff familiar with different cultural behaviors and business negotiation styles, your company and/or products are never accidentally misrepresented


Lower Shipping Rates

We are always able to offer lower shipping rates as we work with shipping lines and trucking companies directly. New partners can take full advantage of our pre-existing contract rates already set up for shipping routes in certain countries



We offer our local as well as foreign partners consolidation services, relieving the pressure of ordering full container loads of a single product at once.